Open House Networking & Social Evening
May 7th, 2016 LAS Education Day

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LAS Education Day
May 7th, 2016 LAS Education Day

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Advanced Bandaging Workshop
Las Advanced Bandaging Workshop

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Due to the cancellation of the Understanding Lymphedema Symposium an LAS Education Day and Annual General Meeting will be held on May 7th at the Park Town Hotel in Saskatoon!

John Mulligan's Advanced Bandaging Class (CDT therapists only)- Wonderful news, John Mulligan will still be doing this workshop (Friday, May 6th)! See the full details here. Please register with LAS,

QuiltTHANK YOU Gail Swain who has made and generously donated a quilt to LAS to assist in raising funds! For a donation of $3.00 your name will be entered in the draw and if you donate $5.00 or more your name will be entered 3 times! This beautiful quilt will be at our AGM and Symposium on May 7th which the draw will be made then. If anybody makes a donation of $20.00 or more your name will be entered in the draw and you will receive a charitable donation receipt!!!

Please mail cheque payable to LAS and include a note for what it's for. LAS P.O. Box 28068 Saskatoon, SK S7M 5V8.

Please Volunteer: to sit at the LAS table or the registration table, sell fundraiser tickets, or as a "talking book". A person who volunteers as a talking book wears a name tag indicating that they would be willing to discuss their lymphedema journey, in general terms such as difficulties experienced getting treatment, lack of physician awareness, etc. Eg: MY NAME- Ask me about: Primary lymphedema, (lower limb or multi-limb, secondary lymphedema post breast cancer, lipedema). We also need many contributions to a "Movie Night" door prize.
Please consider these volunteer opportunities, if you are able to volunteer please contact us at

Advocacy – to the Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau:

Justin TrudeauThe CLF is committed to giving a voice to all those affected by lymphedema. In December 2015, a letter went out to the new Trudeau government appealing for a commitment to review how lymphedema treatment is covered and to request equitable financial support be available to all lymphedema patients across Canada.

View the letter

An Introduction To Lymphedema

For People With or At Risk of Developing Lymphedema

Presented by the Certified Lymphedema Health Care Professionals Working for the Health Regions of Saskatchewan Via Telehealth


2015 National Lymphedema Conference


Congratulations to Anna Marie Funke who won the LAS members only draw to attend the conference!

2015 Education Day

Event Overview by Tracy Gardikiotis



LAS Lymphedema Patient's Survey

March 6 is Lymphedema Awareness Day

Your Journey- A guide for Women Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

A new breast cancer patient education resource booklet and video, Your Journey, developed by the Lymphedema Working Group is now available on the Ministry of Health website at . A written resource and video will be soon be distributed to all newly diagnosed breast cancer patients across Saskatchewan.

Very Exciting News for SK

LAS is excited to announce that Saskatchewan Health has expanded their SAIL Compression Garment and Bandaging Policy to include private CDT therapists in addition to public therapists. Private CDT therapists will now be able to requisition for compression garments and bandages covered by SAIL for those affected by lymphedema.

Extended Health Benefits Information Bulletin October 1, 2013: COMPRESSION GARMENT PROGRAM CHANGES

Charitable #: 844468074RR0001

$20.00 donations or more will receive a charitable donation receipt. (LAS will mail the receipt to you.)

Free Lymphedema Alert Bracelets
These bracelets which are for arm and/or leg say:

ALERT: LYMPHEDEMA No Blood Tests, Blood Pressure, No I.V or Injections into this Arm or Leg. For free bracelet please contact: Peninsula Medical, Inc. ReidSleeve ® 1-800-29-EDEMA

Who Are We?

The Lymphedema Association of Saskatchewan Inc. (LAS) is a non- profit organization founded in 2004 by a group of people who recognized the need to help those who have or are at risk of developing lymphedema and related lymphatic disorders. We strive to be a learning association, committed to ongoing education. LAS works to empower affected individuals and their families to successfully manage these conditions.

LAS Goals


Crystal BallThis group is through Facebook, meet people from all around the world with lymphedema! Share your story, read others stories, get and give advice, learn tips and connect with others who are struggling with lymphedema. Extremely supportive and loving group!!!

If you are interested in joining this group please add Angela Connell-Furi to your friends list on Facebook and leave a message that you want to be added to the group! Please note that this group is private for lymphedema patients and their caregivers and can not be seen by others who are not in the group. Hope to see you in the group soon!


We now have a Facebook group for the Association and all members and potential members are welcome.

Association events will be posted on there. Join and meet other members, ask questions, etc.


Lymphedema Working Group

The Lymphedema Working Group was formed to review the policies and practices regarding lymphedema in the province of Saskatchewan. Working group members from LAS strove to educate and inform the Ministry of Health about patients' needs, the cost of lymphedema treatment to patients, and needed changes to policies and practices. On May 1, the working group met with then health minister Don McMorris to present the report to him in person and to answer questions he had about the report.

View the report.

Ombudsman Saskatchewan

Ombudsman Saskatchewan promotes and protects fairness in the design and delivery of government services, including health services. If you have a concern about government services you've received:

  • Step 1: Talk with your service provider.
  • Step 2: If you are still concerned, contact Ombudsman Saskatchewan.

Disclaimer — The purpose of the health information on the web site of the Lymphedema Association of SK Inc. (LAS) is to inform and educate. This information does not replace the knowledge expertise, skill, and judgement of health care providers. It is not meant to be used as diagnosis or treatment. If you have medical questions or concern for your own health, please consult a qualified health care provider. LAS makes every effort to ensure that the information on this web site is correct and up-to-date, but cannot guarantee that it is error- free or complete. Links to our website are presented for informational purposes only and any mention of a product, form of therapy, or therapist does not constitute a recommendation.