LAS Executive

Kelly Lloyd President (Prince Albert)
Laurie Glenn Vice President (Swift Current)
Graham Snell Treasurer (Saskatoon)
Verna Schneider Past President (Prince Albert)
Monique Marshall Secretary (Saskatoon)
Barbara Knowles (Bethune)
Marilyn Miller (Lanigan)
Richard Porter (Warman)
Glenda Moxham (Lloydminster)
Kathy Oar (Melfort)

Get to Know Your Board Members

Kelly Lloyd, President (Prince Albert)

Kelly has been a Registered Nurse in Prince Albert and area since 1884. She has specialties in Wound, Ostomy, Continence and Lymphedema. She has served PAPHR, U of S, and the north in educational capacities having lectured and mentored clinicians from multiple disciplines (Dieticians, Physiotherapists, OTs, Pharmacists, Special Care Aides, LPNs, nurses and doctors). Kelly is most passionate about the important information people with swelling/ lymphedema need to have to make good decisions about their own care. Compression is needed to stop disease progression and reduce the chance of “costly” infections. (Consequences of infection include: disease progression, pain, suffering, reduced mobility, loss of income, greater expense in bandaging and treatment, drugs, etc.  The sooner Lymphedema is diagnosed and treated with compression the better!)

Kelly joined LAS in 2013 and served on the LAS board as a director for 1 year before being elected president. Kelly is a very passionate clinician and strives to overcome obstacles to care of people with Lymphedema, Lipedema, and stasis (swelling) relating to vein disease. While very busy with her professional life, she hopes to make important contributions to LAS.

Verna Schneider, Past President (Prince Albert)

I became a member of LAS (then known as SLLA) in 2009 by the persuasion and coaxing of Eunice Mooney. Eunice had been my Massage Therapist for a number of years. I was very fortunate to have her when I was diagnosed with breast cancer for a second time in 2005. This time I required a mastectomy and the removal of lymph nodes. Eunice was there to educate and treat me, especially for lymphedema. Because of this education, I was able to be pro-active. I am fortunate to have only stage 0-1 Lymphedema.

In 2009 I became a member of LAS and also an executive member, taking on the role of fundraising. I had a fair amount of experience in fundraising in the community. In 2009, we had $600 in the bank account. In 2011-2012 I worked with SIAST students who developed our data base for us at no cost. The largest challenge that I pursued was working to have LAS become a Canadian Registered Charity. In October, 2012, after 2 years of correspondence, we met the requirements for Charitable Registration under the Income Tax Act. This has proven very beneficial. From 2013 until 2015 I was the LAS Treasurer and chaired the Lymphedema Diagnosis, Management and Care Symposium in Prince Albert in 2014. I  served as LAS president for a 2 year term from May 2015 to May   2017. I am now in my second term a past president.

Monique Marshall (Saskatoon)

I graduated as a physiotherapist in 1991 from the University of Saskatchewan. I became a Certified Lymphedema Therapist through the Klose Institute in April 2016, and LANA certified in October 2016. I completed my Aqua Lymphatic Therapy certification in April 2019. I presently work at Kinetik Rehabilitation Services, located at Saskatoon City Hospital. I feel inspired to work with people with lymphedema and lipedema who demonstrate commitment, courage and strength living with and managing these chronic conditions. My passions include spending time with my family and keeping active. I am looking forward to serving on the LAS executive.

Barbara Knowles (Bethune)

I joined LAS in 2017 after I was diagnosed (I have lipedema which was not diagnosed so I developed Lymphedema as well). It was suggested by Tracy Gardikiotis in order to learn and gain support for this condition.

I lived in Pilot Butte until we moved to Bethune after I retired (I worked in insurance both life and disability insurance as well as farm and general insurance). As my children grew up, I was an organizer for Ringette as well as I was Brownie, Girl Guide, Pathfinder leaders and also a Commissioner. I also was on the figure skating executive for many years. I had become almost unable to walk anymore and lived with terrific pain so I no longer did much volunteer work.Thanks to Tracy Gardikiotis, I was diagnosed, and through therapy am finally getting my life back. The lipodema is still tough but I am finally getting my life back. Ihave had lipedema since I was a child. I spend a lot of time researching our diseases and trying to learn all I can to help myself as well as others. I have four grandchildren and they are all in a lot of sports so a lot of my time is spent watching their games. I enjoy gardening, sewing, and doing crafts and on the LAS committee for the 2018 Symposium.

Marilyn Miller (Lanigan)

I am retired. I was a farmer for 35 years, I also worked at an ethanol plant and managed the golf course club house. I am married, have 4 children, 7 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren. 

I have secondary lymphedema as a result of lymph node removal and radiation in treatment of breast cancer. I’m a 5 year survivor and enjoying every minute.

I like to quilt, golf and garden. I volunteer at our local food bank and our community gift and thrift store.

I joined LAS 3 years ago. I was new to lymphedema and was looking for information and support. I’m not sure where I learned about LAS but find it very informative as I attended the 2016 LAS symposium in Saskatoon.

Richard (Porky) Porter (Warman)

I have had primary lymphedema in my legs for over 60 years and since 1997 have been retired because of my condition. I was a contractor and a farmer from 1960 to 1997 and then ventured into Muncipal Politics and still sit on a number local and provincial committees. My wife Ann and I have moved into a condo complex in Warman SK. We joined the Lymphedema Association to help others who are affected in any way, shape or form by lymphedema, to better understand how to cope with life in general.

Laurie Glenn, Vice-President (Swift Current)

Hi, I’m Laurie Glenn. I’m married with four grown sons. Swift Current is the place I call home, I have lived here my entire life. Currently I’m retired and enjoying it. I was the owner and operater of a ranch and farm for many years. During this time I was also contacted by social sevices as a parent aide.

I have primary lymphedema. This condition has affected my life since I was 10 yrs old, but refuse to let it slow me down. I was very glad to find out about LAS, it has been a great support in many ways. The information it provides is so helpful and gives me hope. I look forward to working on the LAS board.

Graham Snell (Saskatoon)

My name is Graham Snell and I was diagnosed with Primary Lymphedema in my right foot/leg in 2008. I live in Saskatoon with my wife Jodi, our son Blake and daughter Morgan. I grew up in Saskatchewan and have lived here my whole life.

Lymphedema has not held me back in any way. In fact, the diagnosis changed the way I think, act, exercise and my lifestyle for the better. My goal has always been that you would never know I had it, if you didn’t see me in a pair of shorts wearing a compression garment. I believe that daily high intensity exercise has been one of the best things to care for my condition in addition to compression wear. I also met Monique Marshall, physical therapist at Kinetic Physical Rehabilitation, who has been such a driving force and champion of my ongoing care. She has been a huge support system to my Lymphedema battle and introduced me to the LAS.

I have a rewarding career in business that keeps me busy, as well as many various organizations I belong to. I currently sit on other Boards and hope my experience will be of good use to the LAS. I believe in getting the word out, lobbying for Lymphedema care and benefits in our province and being able to let everyone diagnosed to know that this condition doesn’t mean your life has to slow down because there are so many great options, programs and people that are there to help.

Kathy Oar

I am married to a farmer and we live near Melfort. We have three grown sons and one granddaughter. I worked as a CCA in Home Care and Long Term Care which I loved but unfortunately have not been able to work for 4 years because of my Lymphedema.

I was diagnosed in 2007 with breast cancer. A year after surgery which they removed lymph nodes and treatment I was diagnosed with Lymphedema. Compression, Complex Decongestive Therapy and Aquasize help manage my Lymphedema.

I joined LAS shortly after my diagnosis with Lymphedema which I find very helpful and supportive.